1:1 Crystallinity Energy Healing Session with Crystal

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Private 1:1 (in room) Crystallinity Energy Healing Session with Crystal for those needing additional healing support or integration during the retreat.

All retreat attendees receive a special discounted rate (over 40% off Crystal's normal rate) for this session 

This hands-on session is customized exclusively for you using Crystallinity Energy Healing - my own authentic style of deep energetic healing for your energetic field, emotional & physical body. Using healing crystals, breathwork, crystal-infused sound bowls, hypnotherapy & my own intuitive gifts to support you in the release of things that no longer serve you. We will work together to navigate your subconscious brain to uncover and clear blockages, heal deep-rooted trauma, limiting beliefs & programming and raise your vibration so you can feel lighter, happier, empowered & more free.

This is a one-of-a-kind healing experience that will stay with you for years to come.

Core Focus & Specialties:

  • Shadow work
  • Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Soul purpose activation
  • Healing childhood trauma
  • Healing physical & sexual trauma
  • Healing ancestral trauma
  • Healing physical health ailments
  • Infertility and womb healing
  • Negative energy cord removal
  • Extraction of dark entities
  • Astral travel
  • Feeling safe in your body
  • Raising your vibration
  • A deeper understanding of your energetic body
  • Reconnecting with your Authentic & Higher Self

Each session includes:

  • Pre-Session energetic body scan
  • Intuitive messages from Spirit
  • Intention setting
  • Custom energy healing playlist
  • Guided meditation & breathwork
  • Full body energy healing
  • Healing crystals used in the session
  • After-care instructions
  • Closing feedback & coaching for next steps of expansion